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Welcome to the Glowmates Online Fishing Store!

Glowmates lures are guaranteed to be the BEST glow lures that you have ever fished with or your invoice is FREE. We at Glowmates Glow Coat each lure by hand as well as epoxy seal them for maximum durability. Glowmates Lures are not mass produced in China but Glow coated right here in the good ol' USA.  Our Glow coat system glows each and every lure by hand and is NOT directly sprayed so that no Glow pigment is lost and dissipated in the air, but directly applied to each and every lure to ensure a no nonsense glow. 

Our paint before and after!
Check out our feedback as it does NOT lie. We also take some of the leading manufacturers lures such as Acme, Luhr Jensen, Storm, Rapala..etc and add our Glowmates glow to them which indeed makes these already fish catching lures even more deadly. We have thousands of customers who are happy purchasing their glow products from the king of Glows....Glowmates! If you have any questions or concerns just drop us an e-mail and we will get back to you Promptly. Our e-mail address is (